Today we’re so thrilled to hit the “go live” button for Matcha Finance! After 4 months of incubation, Matcha Finance finally wakes up to the world, just on time for a new exciting year.

Why we launch Matcha Finance

I wasn’t born and raised into money. Neither was the Hubbie. We learn all about it in life through rises and falls. For us, money is definitely not a life goal, it’s only a tool. But unlike other tools in our house, money is a powerful and versatile tool that can help us achieve a wide range of goals.

We don’t live only to make money, but no one can and should ignore its power. Many talented dudes know how to make big bucks but are like nope when it comes to managing their own bucks. Fact is, financial success and wealth are not measured by how much money you can make, it’s all about how much money you can keep.

Hubbie and I went far down our education road. We were both science postdocs before switching to the financial industry. But nowhere along our path the essential skills of personal finance were formally taught.

I’ve gone through at least 3 times of financial hardship. My balance was reset to almost zero every time. Luckily I haven’t ever got myself into consumer debts. But still, it did hit hard.

The bright side to it? It brought me tons of precious personal finance lessons taught nowhere else. That’s why today Matcha Finance is born to share these lessons.

The long-haul incubation

Is 4 months long or short to prep for a blog launch? I think the answer will vary from bloggers to bloggers. By the way, it’s sort of funny to now call myself a blogger. The day I went to university to study physics, in my wildest imagination, I would have never been able to picture myself launching a personal finance blog 15 years later.

I thought of starting a blog on personal finance in early September 2018. In my original plan, I would have had it launched by mid November 2018. Turns out, I seriously underestimated the timeline. Matcha Finance wasn’t ready until today, January 9, 2019. And there’ll still be more adjustments and improvements in days to come.

Hubbie and I are a pair of DIY nerds (but we’re still kiddos compared to our friends who DIY cider, craft beers, etc.). We like to do things by ourselves, not only because we can save on cost but also because we want to customize things our way and have a full understanding of the things we run. We believe no improvement can come with a lack of understanding.

The trade-off is of course time, and in a way, time is also money. It wasn’t easy when we both worked full time and woke up to weekends of straight 12 hours immersed in designing a blog and mind-mapping contents. But we’re both happy with the decision of self-designing our blog. In these 4 months, we both learned a ton about web design, optimization, and security among many other things.

In these 4 months, I also had a chance to think and rethink my content mind maps. Staying on top of my own finances is one thing; sharing the experience to help others achieve the same is a completely different thing and certainly not an easy task. That’s why I need to carefully craft each category and topic as well as the links among them.

Is that too much fuss for a personal blog? Nope! That’s how we always approach things anyway, be it our day job or this side hustle or even a new dish we cook in the weekend. Knowledge, experience, and joy are the prizes that make all the DIY little journeys so worthy to us.

Matcha Finance is out

After replacing a few themes, changing layouts and colors, testing countless fonts, revamping the whole look of the homepage, and optimizing loading speeds on multiple devices, we’re finally happy to send Matcha Finance out to the world.

We’ll still have to work more on optimizing the technical things behind the scene. But at least the heaviest blog designing part was done and I can now focus more on creating valuable contents. After all Matcha Finance is a blog aiming at sharing relatable stories, actionable advices, and practical tips in personal finance.

The most exciting part is yet to come. We’re so much looking forward to receiving your constructive feedbacks on how to improve user experience and which personal finance topics interest you most. This will be a great help to us in providing useful materials to you all as our audience.

Hope Matcha Finance is an enjoyable and beneficial read for you.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon.

Jenn and Hubbie

Matcha Finance

Jenn sharing personal stories and practical tips on maximized earning, strategic saving, smart spending, and long-term investing.

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