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Hi there! Come meet Jenn, the brain and heart behind Matcha Finance. I’m based in Toronto. I have a huge love for coding, personal finance, and all things matcha.


I believe that taking care of personal finance should be as enjoyable as sipping a cup of matcha latte.


My interest in personal finance only started with a little hope of guiding my own used-to-be rocky financial situation. Through time, it had grown to be such a big passion in me that I decided to launch this blog. Personal finance isn’t usually taught in schools, but to be frank, one can’t live responsibly without taking care of it.

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On Matcha Finance, together we’ll learn how to become:

Work smarter not harder

In my humble view, being a max earner doesn’t mean you have to work your brains and butts out to make every extra penny. It’s more about optimizing your time and effort for the worth-doing tasks. Saving time and energy already means earning a work-life balance. It also leaves room to make more money if you really want to.

Teaser: by optimizing my earning capability, I was able to increase my gross income by more than 3 times in the past 3 years in my day job alone.

Automate all savings before any spending

You don’t have to be a drastic saver living on the extreme frugality to see your savings grow substantially. Effective savings only require you to be strategic. It’s always better to set bite-size realistic goals and automate the executions rather than manually saving and withdrawing big chunks as your mood swings.

I’ll show you how I implemented my auto-pilot savings and many more saving tips.

Spend purposefully and cut unnecessary costs

The most important thing I’ve learned on becoming a smart spender is what I dub “the conservation law of money”. You’re probably laughing right now. What does the conservation law have to do here with spending? 

Read on to see how I learn to prioritize my spending of money and time by applying the conservation law.

Grow wealth effortlessly, one seed at a time

Earning a good paycheck, spending wisely, and saving with high discipline might not be enough to bring us a comfortable retirement or get us through an unforeseen lump sum expense. Plus inflation can eat up a sizeable amount if not all of the interest earned in your savings accounts. Investment is the key answer to a comfy retirement or even an early retirement if you start investing soon enough. 

As I’ll walk you through, with a bit of initial setup from the comfort of the couch, everyone can grow wealth effortlessly.

Optimized earning, strategic savingprioritized spending, and passive investing are the building blocks of wealth. I wish I had learned this in school or in my twenties. Now I’m over thirty and still learning. But it’s never too late. If you haven’t seriously get your finances in order, the time to start is NOW!

Some of my experiences are tied to the Canadian financial system and products since I live here. But you’ll find most knowledge and tips I share to be applicable everywhere on the globe.

Okay, it’s actually not legit to say I’m the solo brain and heart behind this blog. The Hubbie is my most devoted supporter, proof-reader, coder, web designer, and promoter of Matcha Finance.

A big shout-out to you all who have visited, encouraged, challenged, and contributed to this blog.

Let’s dive in! Oh, and don’t forget your favorite cup of tea. Matcha latte anyone?

With much love,


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